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Activate your chakras, vibrate high, renew your body and change your life forever!


My name is Linda and I'm the owner of Linda's Free to Be. I'm also the mind behind the Linda Fit and Fix method. I developed this method after transforming my life completly.


From an anxious, unhealthy and addicted girl, I transformed into a Yoga teacher, Energy Healer and Life Coach who lives her dream and travels the world. 

Over the past few years I have traveled the world, encountered many cultures, different therapies and coaches. I did everything to heal myself. I met thousand amazing people, healers, students, guru's, coaches. 

Everybody taught me something and now I'm giving all the knowledge back to the world. Its time to create more Love, Joy and Magic into this world.


I've learned that everything is possible. If I can change, everybody can. All it takes is a clear intention, awareness and never give up!

Back in the Netherlands I worked many years in Mental Health Care, decide that I had my own Yoga and Energy Healing Studio. I followed my passion, helping people, but my intuition told me I have to travel again. 

December 2019 left the Netherlands again and went to Australia, was 'stuck" in Malaysia for 1,5 year, best time of my life and went to monastery for 4 months and lived like a nun.


Nowadays more happy than ever in Mexico. Wow, life is so beautiful, I feel so grateful that I found a new home, where my passion became my purpose. 

Everything you dream of today can be your reality tomorrow.

Reset your body, remove old energy, create new room for all possibilities and become what you truly are!


Goals and Intentions

After 20 years of living mostly in survival, I've learned to choose myself. Life taught me a lot, now it's time to give this gift back to the world.

Are you feeling empty?

Are you done with your imposed prison?

Do you want to break your addictive patterns?

My name is Linda ten Veen, for many years I was an addict, had an eating disorder for 20 years and used everything to avoid feelings.


In recent years I have invested a lot in personal development.


Today I am living my dream. I travel the world and help people to do the same.

Do you also want to learn the tools that turned my addiction into my strength?

Every human is different and I can help you in many ways. 


Are you stuck in your body and do you need a little extra? 


Energy Healing can help you further to get out of your stuck pattern. If too much spiritual stuff is not for you, then schedule a down to earth coaching session with me. We can discuss other possibilities.

It's all about you, what do you want in LIFE?

My mission is to bring more awareness and loving energy into the world.


My passion is to inspire people towards a life without any eating or other addictions. 

I believe that everyone can turn their "limitation" into their strength. That everyone can live their true DREAM.


Regardless of where you are NOW in your life and where you would like to go.

If you have questions, send me a message on the button below.