Everything is Energy, if you can change your energy, everything will change


Different experience of doing Yoga

Chakra Flow

Yoga, Breathework and Meditation

Chakra Flow is a combination of Breathwork, Yoga and Guided Meditation. The last years I dove deep into Chakra Healing combining with movement and breath. I am so excited to share all the knowledge with you for a deep healing Chakra Journey.

A Chakra is an Energy center in your body. Every Chakra has her topic and is connected to an age. If you have Childhood trauma, you can heal this with working on your Chakras.

If you can activate all your Chakras you will experience Ultimate Bliss and feel Awake. It really changed my life, I had to deal with a lot of childhood issues, but now I feel Free, Loved, Energetic and I'm so grateful for every day!

Are you ready to release blockages from your Chakras by doing Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork?