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Addiction to survive

Addiction is a taboo word for many or has a negative connotation. If you tell people: "I'm addicted", people quickly think of a drug addict with needles in the gutter, ready to die. Addiction is much closer than you think. Actually everyone knows someone in their environment who has an addiction or is an addict themselves.


Being addicted to something can mean anything. But when is it an addiction? It is an addiction when you suffer from it yourself and you can no longer do the "normal" daily things, when you can't think of anything else than that.


For years I was an addict, I was addicted to everything. There was always something, which I used just to avoid feeling anything. Sex, alcohol, drugs, relationships, shopping, working excessively, and if it wasn't any of those, I had my eating disorder left. This one was the most persistent and the hardest to really get rid of.


An addiction is a coping mechanism, something you use to cope with life. It's a shame that it is still seen in such a negative light. Of course, addiction complicates your life, but it has helped you a long time to cope with life.


Know that you can choose differently and that you can change this if you really want to. It comes down to digging and exploring what is causing your addiction, what it was that made you "start"?


It's an interesting Inner Journey that asks a lot of you, but with the right support and self discipline, anything is possible.


Are you ready to go on this journey with me?