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Chakra Healing

Chakra Journey through your Chakras

Have you ever heard of Chakras?


Chakras are energy centers in your body, the most well known are the 7 that are in your physical body. Each chakra represents a certain theme in your life and on each chakra there can be a blockage.

I will come back to this later.

All the chakras are connected and you can see it as a kind of spiritual staircase to heaven. If you have balanced all six chakras, your seventh chakra opens and you experience ultimate freedom.


Before you can experience this, there is work to be done. During this inner spiritual journey you will experience a lot of personal development in all areas of your life.


Working with my chakras has brought me even deeper to the Core. I had been working on personal development for a while and had been a Yoga and Meditation teacher for years, but this knowledge has healed me deeper and helped me even further with my addictive patterns.


Do you also want to work on your traumas?


Or do you want to experience more energy?


Feel more secure in your body and in your life?

Do you want to embrace your feelings?


Be able to fully enjoy sexuality and pleasure?


Do you want to strengthen your inner power?


Do you want to experience unconditional love?


Live your own truth and express it to others?


Do you want to strengthen your intuition and learn to listen to it?


Do you want to experience complete freedom in all areas of your life?


Start working on your chakras.

I can take you step by step, you can choose 7 days or 7 weeks.

I have 2 different courses


All this is accompanied by Info, Yoga Exercises, Meditations, Trauma Healing, Worksheets and many more.


Are you ready for a transformation?


It is also possible to have 1 session in combination with Energetic Treatment, so I can tell you which Chakra(s) you can work on for a complete balance in your body.